Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Calvarial thickening - MRI

T1 weighted axial image in 24 year old female with thalasemia showing diffuse thickening of the calvarium.

T2 weighted axial image showing calvarial thickening.

FLAIR axial image showing calvarial thickening.

Differential diagnosis of calvarial thickening:
  1. Various severe anemias - bone marrow expansion.
  2. Pagets disease.
  3. Hyperparathyroidism.
  4. Osteopetrosis.
  5. Chronic Dilatin therapy.
  6. Acromegaly.
  7. Some rare genetic diseases - Camurati-Engelmann’s disease, frontometaphyseal dysplasia and   craniodiaphysial dysplasia.

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