Monday, August 3, 2009

Carcinoma of urinary bladder

CT scan of 44 year old male came with history of hematuria showing large intraluminal mass lesion arising form the left lateral wall of the urinary bladder. Biopsy proved to be adenocarcinoma bladder.
CT of another patient with hematuria showing large heterogeneously enhancing soft tissue mass lesion arising from the right lateral wall of urinary bladder. Biopsy proved to be carcinoma urinary bladder.

Bladder cancer is the second most common malignancy of the genitourinary system. Adenocarcinoma of bladder is rare tumors of bladder, accounts to 2%. Majority of tumors are transitional cell carcinomas (90%) and Squamous cell carcinoma (5%). Classic clinical presentation is painless, gross hematuria. Risk factors include smoking, pelvic irradiation, exposure to aniline dyes and chemotherapy with cyclophosphamide. Very often the newely diagnosed carcinoma will be superficial (72%). 5 % come with metastases to lymphnodes, liver, lung, bone and brain. CT and MRI are indicated mainly for staging of the tumor. Superficial bladder cancer has good prognosis with 5-year survival rates of 82-100%. Prognosis for metastatic transitional cell cancer is much poorer with only 5% of patients living 2 years after diagnosis.

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