Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Double left renal artery - CT Angiography

44 Year old female referred for CT renal angiography for transplant donor evaluation. The coronal volume rendering images showing normal bilateral kidneys with single right renal artery and two renal arteries on the left side.

CT angiography is the most preferred investigation for donor kidney evaluation since it gives excellent anotomical depiction of the vessels, organs and the function of kidney in urography.
Protocol - Arterial phase, Venous phase and Excretory phase.
The things to be mentioned in the radiological report are
  • Size, shape and position of the kidneys.
  • Number of renal arteries, any accesory artery.
  • Course of left renal vein retroaortic /preaortic.
  • Distance of renal artery from origin to first branching.
  • Length of right renal vein.
  • Any other normal varuients/renal masses.
  • Collecting system - Duplication of any.

All these findings are valuable to the graft harvesting surgeon and for the transplant anastomosis.

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