Monday, September 21, 2009

Osteosarcoma of Sternum

CT scan and MRI of 40 year old male came with swelling and pain in the sternum since 3 months shows large destructive soft tissue mass lesion in the body of sternum having osteoid matrix. The lesion is extending anteriorly in the subcutanesous region, psoteriorly in to mediastinum abutting large vessels. We can better appreciate the sternal destruction in SSD image. MR T2 weighted image shows hyperintense signal throughout the lesion. Histopathology proved to be osteosarcoma.

The primary sternal tumors are quite rare. The most commonly occurring malignant tumor in sternum is chondrosarcoma and occurrence of osteosarcoma in sternum is extremely rare. The most common tumors of sternum are the metastases of lung, renal or thyroidal malignancies. CT may show lytic, mixed or sclerotic pattern and it is observed as an expansile mass lesion with irregular borders, and the lesion invades bone marrow by destroying the cortex. MRI clearly demonstrates the extent of the lesion and characterization of the lesion.

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